ZXSpeccy.com is a dedication to the most popular computer during the 80's. Its appeal -even today- is a testament to its creator & genius: Sir Clive Sinclair.



- Test your knowledge on published dates.
- Match the sprite with the game.
- Level descriptions.
- Identify the screenshot segment.


Quiz 3: Levels!


1 Whats the 1st screen in Dizzy POTYF?..
2 Dynamite Dan begins in what craft?..
3 The Garden Gate starts whose adventure?..
4 How many levels does Manic Miner have?..
5 Where dos Bombjack's 1st stage begin?..
6 On what screen does Rockman start?..
7 At what time does Jetset Willie begin?..
8 The seventh level in Manic Miner?..
9 How many spray tins does PSSST have?..
10 The Bouncing Hedgehogs!..

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