Which? Computing Magazine & ZXSpeccy:

Last year ZXSpeccy.com was interviewed by Which? Computing Magazine and the subsequent four page article appeared contributing to the retro computing scene and in particular the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

This took the form of a nostalgic and informative look at the retro gaming and programming scene during the 1980's that has been recently revived in the national media and elsewhere.

To see such a high profile Magazine making its own contribution to retro gaming is brilliant, and ZXSpeccy would like to say a big thank you for its frank and intelligent look at the origins and development of the Speccy in particular.

Of course retro gaming has many niches and is not limited to the speccy. Many followings exist for the Commodore and Atari consoles and of course the Amiga. However, ZXSpeccy believes that these are mere playthings when compared to the superior programming skills of the Speccy developers!

Credit where it is due though; the commodore64 was the Speccy's primary rival during the 80's abd had its own following of dedicated users and popular magazies at the time.

The full article/magazine can be found and back-ordered from Which? Computing Magazine website. If you have any queries on the article, then please feel free to contact ZXSpeccy.



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