ZXSpeccy.com is a dedication to the most popular computer during the 80's. Its appeal -even today- is a testament to its creator & genius: Sir Clive Sinclair.



Here are some of the most popular Sinclair Spectrum magazines of the period.

I was a big Crash fan - probably because of the great artwork and in-depth game reviews. The first edition was priced at 75p and raised to around £2.20 towards the end of its life, so it remained financially within the reach of its young fan base.


Popular Sinclair Magazines from the 1980's

Published: 1982
Publisher: Newsfield / Europress


One of the most popular spectrum magazines of the time. Primarily focusing on speccy games and their reviews. Starting out as a mail-order business for the spectrum games catalogue, it quickly evolved into a monthly unbiased dedicated magazine with quality artwork and game reviews.

Crash had many hardware reviews, cartoons and interviews with developers and later included a free cassette with demos and sometimes full games.

YS Online
Published: 1986
Publisher: Dennis Publishing


A big rival to Crash and first appeared in 1986 and ran for seven years. A popular speccy magazine which was quick to capitalise on including a free cassette with the edition.

Like Crash, the artwork was a big feature and added excitement and gloss to content. Featuring game reviews, game tips and maps.

Initially the magazine was launched as Your Spectrum, but the title was soon changed to the more recognisable Your Sinclair as we all know it.

In a final retrospective - a single edition was launched free with another magazine in 2004.


SU Online
Published: 1982
Publisher: ECC Publications & EMAP


SU Magazine contained all the usual reviews, tips, letters and of course the on-board free cassette with game demos. It has the accolade of being the longest running Sinclair mag at the time, albeit just ahead of some of its rivals.

When Crash ceased publication, it was quickly consumed by SU, although in name only as the SU format remained unchanged.

Like Crash, SU began to include regular cartoon characters such as Kamikazi Bear which appealed to a younger audience more than the staple readers it was used to and had build up through the years.


Published: 1982
Closure: 1987
Publisher: Argus Publications

ZX Computing

A good mag that specialised on all Sinclair hardware, from printers to the QL.

It was however, short-lived (only five years) but had many good technical articles on the hardware and machine code.

The magazine is currently available online at the archive.org website.