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We've all got our favourite Speccy character. Whether it's Miner Willy or Monty Mole- We'll be building a profile of the most popular and best loved characters that have ever invaded our sinclair spectrums..

More characters to follow soon. Click here to request a review on a character not yet documented and zxspeccy will built a review and post as soon as is possible. Enjoy.

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Meet: "WALLY"

First Game:
"Wally Week "
Full Name:
First Appeared:





1984 Mikrogen

Wally first appeared in the puzzle/arcade game Automania.

Wally Week must search and collect all the pieces of his automobile to progress to the next level. Simple? No. You have a clock that is ticking away your precious time limit -(at a rate that would make Valentino Rossie look like he was riding a mobility scooter). Once said clock should run out, you're fired.

This first outting for Wally Week and resembled little of the format for the remainder of his appearances such as Pyjamarama and Herbert's Dummy Run. Big graphics remained though, smooth animation and nice use of colour throughout, making this a hit when it was first released and most of his future (and numerous) adventures. Caps off to Wally!


Everyone's a Wally
Herbert's Dummy Run
Three Weeks In Paradise


Our larger than life character Wally appears in Automania. A nice platform/task which was bold and colourful and responsive gameplay. Its sequel (below) was nothing less than a masterpiece in my opinion - An extremely well thought-out game with smooth animation, great complimenting colours and excellent gameplay.



Wander around a vast house in pyjamas and a night cap. Nothing is as it should be in this nightmare. Apparitions waltz about the place, hands snatch at you from the ground and beneath the floorboards, axes fly through the air. Find a certain room and you can relive those space invader days, albeit the 'aliens' are probably not as menacing as the originals. A superb puzzle/arcade edition to Wally's adventures..

Everyone's A Wally

Scattered everywhere are objects that are collected by walking over them which results in the carried object being deposited. All five players-controlled characters lead an independent life when not under control.

Exchange of control is done when an uncontrolled character enters the same screen as you. You then just press the appropriate number key and control is exchanged. At any time, by pressing the key for the character you want to know about, a message comes up at the top which tells you their location. This gameplay was unique and was another deserved hit for Wally.

Three Weeks in Paradise

An elephant, a very large lion and sign to the jungle... This can only spell trouble for Wally. He's lost his family in this latest Wally caper and must find them before the native inhabitants decide to have them for the main course!

The graphics are excellent and the animation superb, although nothing too removed from the general Wally adventure formula, this game did not dissapoint fans of the series and it was well received by them.

Herbert's Dummy Run

Wally's toddler offspring is wandering lost in a huge department store after being seperated from dad!

In line with the rest of the Wally games, Herbert's Dummy Run maintains the quality graphics, gameplay and colourful backgrounds and adopts a similar adventure theme. This was another hit from the Wally series and was well deserved as it delivered great animation, crafty puzzles and super gameplay.


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