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We've all got our favourite Speccy character. Whether it's Miner Willy or Monty Mole- We'll be building a profile of the most popular and best loved characters that have ever invaded our sinclair spectrums..

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First Game:
"Finders Keepers "
Full Name:
Magic Knight
20 pixels
23 pixels
First Appeared:





Finders Keepers
1985 Mastertronic

This is the first of a batch of Mastertronic budget games featuring Magic Knight. He features in four episodes from the M.A.D. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) Label including Finders Keepers, Spellbound, Stormbringer and Knight Tyme.

The games featured relatively unseen nagivation menu system which was smooth and responsive and added immensley to the character of the games, making it easy to work with items and other characters such as talking to and using, dropping and reading suff.

All this from a budget seller - the games retailed from £1.99 & £2.99


Finders Keepers
Knight Tyme

Finders Keepers

The King of Isbisima is upset because he has nothing to give his daughter for her birthday.

As a magic knight you have been ordered to find the Princess Germintrude a very special present. Should you succeed you may be invited to become a Knight of the Polygon Table.


Magic Knight's mentor and teacher, Gimbal the Wizard, has managed to bind you and seven other characters within a summon spell. The spell was intended to be an aid to Gimbal's quest for better tasting rice pudding. Due to a slight typographical error that arose when the incantations were translated from ancient English to slightly less ancient English, things went a little bit wrong. Now our hero is trapped within a strange and unfamiliar land with a bunch of people from different slices of history!


Having released the wizard Gimbal from a nasty predicament at the end of Spellbound, Magic Knight is free to go back to 13th Century England and return home.
He must find all the pieces of a time machine so he can assemble it and travel to his own time. The Paradox Police are waiting thirty days into MK's future, so there's a time limit in the game


Another window-mation menu driven adventure ensues with Stormbringer, published by Mastertronic in 1987, written by David Jones.

A cleverly constructed method of gameplay which was unique at the time and helped propell Magic Knight up to one of the classic speccy chanracters and games of its time.


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