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We've all got our favourite Speccy character. Whether it's Miner Willy or Monty Mole- We'll be building a profile of the most popular and best loved characters that have ever invaded our sinclair spectrums..

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Meet: "JETMAN"

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1983 Ultimate

Jetman's first introduction to the speccy was Jetpac - first published in 1983. Addictive and richly coloured with a game play to match, proving to be an instant hit.

So endearing was our jet-packed friend that CRASH magazine featured a monthly cartoon strip based on the character. His second outting was Lunar Jetman; trickier, faster and with the addition of a lunar buggy. This game proved a lot more difficult and involved than the simplicity of it's predecessor Jet Pac, but proved just as fun.

CRASH Magazine's Jetman CartoonAppearances:

Lunar Jetman


The object of our hero (Jetman) is to assemble the three pieces of his rocket amid the various comets and metorites that are a constant threat throughout each level. Once the three pieces are assembled, he then has to fill the rocket with fuel before jumping in and taking off- thus completing the stage.

The three pieces of the rocket must be assembled before you can refuel the rocket and leave. This gets trickier when jetman progresses to the further stages and has to assemble new rockets and encounters faster and more cunning nasties!

Lunar Jetman

This was the sequel to JetPac - and it was tough! The control keys follow the pattern of Jetpac, with alternating left/right keys on the bottom row, laser-fire on second row, thrust on third row, and hover on the top row. The game was quick and extremely difficult, but with some patience (and a lot of skill) you could eventually progress. You had the bonus of a buggy that could be driven over the moonscape and could be use to avoid nasties- not muh benefit though, as you had to exit the buggy and fill in the holes created by meteorites!

Pressing Z or Symbol Shift will allow Jetman to pick up or drop any piece of the buggy's contents and Caps Shift Break will let him get in and out of the machine.


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