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Full Name: 'Horace'

One of the earliest games to hit the Spectrum market - first appearing in 1982, Horace was introduced to us in the pacman-style game 'Hungry Horace'.

Appeared in:

Hungry Horace
Horace And The Spiders
Horace Goes Skiing

His first adventure introduced Horace in 1982 in 'Hungry Horace': a typical maze/pacman modification which was basic and didn't push any speccy boundaries in it scope. Nonetheless, Hungary Horace was an early introduction for speccy fans and an indication of the possibilities of Spectrum gaming- even on the Spectrum 16k

Horace's Vitals:
Appearances: 3
First Game: Hungry Horace
First Appeared: 1982
Genre: Maze
Full Name: Horace
Size (hxw): 16x16 Pxls




Hungry Horace
Hungry Horace

One of the earliest maze games that introduced Horace to the new Speccy community. Consisting of four mazes where Horace must collect the flowers placed throughout the park.

Horace does not need to collect all of the flowers in order to progress to the next level, however the longer you stay on each, the better the opportunity for collecting other bonus items such as cherries and rasberrires. Be careful though, the longer you stay on each maze, the more parkies appear making your exit more difficult.

Horace and the Spiders
Horace And The Spiders

Our second installment of Horace. Slightly more tricky than his first game, but still easy to complete within a relatively short time and a modicum of patience.

Horace must jump over spiders and jump onto webbed ropes, swing across to the other end of a cavern and onto the next stage. Unfortunately the stages are limited to only three and Horace must return to complete the stages once again only the next time with increased difficulty. On the final screen, he must then trap the red spiders by creating holes and jumping on them to kill them. After swiftly dispatching all the spiders, Horace is then free to start the stages once more.

Horace Goes Skiing
Horace And The Spiders

At the first level, Horace must buy his skis, by traversing a 'frogger-style' road and then back again, making sure to avoid the heavy and speeding traffic.

A ski hut, selling skis, is placed precariously at a busy motorway where Horace can pick up his skiis.

Incidentally, if anyone knows what type of creature our hero Horace actually is, then I am open to suggestions and I will happily post them on the Comments Page.