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We've all got our favourite Speccy character. Whether it's Miner Willy or Monty Mole- We'll be building a profile of the most popular and best loved characters that have ever invaded our sinclair spectrums..

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Meet Your Favourite 'Spec-Chum':


First Game:
"Dynamite Dan"
Full Name:
24 pixels
12 pixels
First Appeared:





Dynamite Dan
1985 Mirrorsoft

First appearing in 1985 in Dynamite Dan, you play larger-than-life Dan in this elegantly designed platformer. Starting with ten lives- may seem to be a lot, however the mansion that Dan must explore is fraught with numerous nasties, tricky jumps and well timed maneuvers. This is a well designed platform game: great tune, nice sound and excellent graphics makes this a true classic.

The colours, animation and graphics are all as equally pleasing in Dan's sequel - Dynamite Dan II. The screens are designed well and interconnect at each end - which makes it possible to explore the entire house much quicker than having to progress back through the game, as in most platforms.

Seek the test-tubes my son, and prosper..


Dynamite Dan
Dynamite Dan II

Dynamite Dan

Many interconnected screens to explore here. Our hero Dan must find all 8 sticks of dynamite that are randomly scattered about the game each time you play. Then he must find the safe, blow it and get the plans.

Great gameplay and a nice little intro tune by Mozart. Find the test-tubes and get an extra life. Find food to sustain you in your adventure (See below). Also, pick up the green aerosol to give a limited time of immunity from bad guys.

Dynamite Dan II

Rather more tricky than its predecessor, and sporting a slightly modified gameplay. Graphics are also good, but a tad fast and with all the energy that you begin with- see the level indicator at the bottom of the screen-you'll need as it runs frighteningly fast!

Exploring the rooms is great fun, solving the different ways of how to get at the dynamite to be able to blow the safe is not an easy task, but then Dan would not have had the lasting appeal it had, if he were a pushover!

The arrival of Dynamite Dan II did not disappoint, and is fiendishly and enjoyable today as he was over 25 years ago - (yes 25 years ago!!!)


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