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We've all got our favourite Speccy character. Whether it's Miner Willy or Monty Mole- We'll be building a profile of the most popular and best loved characters that have ever invaded our sinclair spectrums..

More characters to follow soon. Click here to request a review on a character not yet documented and zxspeccy will built a review and post as soon as is possible. Enjoy.

Meet Your Favourite 'Spec-Chum':

Meet: Charlie

First Game:
"Nodes of Yesod"
Full Name:
Rt. Hon. Charlemagne Fotheringham-Grunes
First Appeared:





Nodes of Yesod
1985 Odin Graphics

The Rt. Hon. Charlemagne 'Charlie' Fotheringham-Grunes - being the name of our intrepid hero!

In the first installment, you find yourself on the moon, wandering about, avoiding the subterranean cavern holes attempting to catch a mole. Grab the mole - you'll need this fellow to eat secret walls when you go below...

An intriguing adventure/platform for both our installments of Charlie. The First: Nodes of Yesod, is a well crafted and beautifully animated adventure where we find Charlie wandering on the moon surface, looking for a mole. This mole will play a significant role in your adventures - both Nodes and Arc, and is used to help discover secret chambers or shortcuts to other rooms throughout the cavernous environment. Your ultimate goal being to collect all eight 'Alchiems' which are scattered throughout the caverns.


Nodes of Yesod
Arc of Yesod

Nodes of Yesod

Wander the surface until a mole pops up from one of the craters. This fellow will prove invaluable when you delve deep below the surface..

Nodes and Arc both employ excellent graphics and gameplay. Sound has a nice balance and animation cannot be faulted. 'Charlie' has gone subterranean!


Your friendly mole is used to great effect in the screenshot to the left! This allows him to release the mole underground and search for hidden doors to new areas and more rooms.

In Arc, you have a similar method for revealing hidden exits. This is an orb that can also fire a laser in order to kill nasties intent on your demise.



Arc of Yesod

The sequel is very similar to the original Nodes, but this does not make the game any less. The gameplay is still as good and the graphics subtle and well drawn as are the many animated characters and nasties..




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