This site is a dedication to the greatest computer in existence and its creator - Sir Clive Sinclair . It has been an ongoing labour since 2004 and is updated regularly. April 2010 gave zxspeccy.com the chance to show off its new colours, content and layout with a brand new Website! We hope you enjoy. Of course any comments and suggestions are most welcome and can be submitted through the guestbook or the contact page.

It's purpose is to rekindle the fond memories and attempt to recapture some of the hundreds - perhaps thousands- of hours which many of us spent tapping at those little rubber keys during the 1980's..

Recently ZXSpeccy's appearance in Which? Computing Magazine, included an interview with its author. This took the form of a nostalgic look at the retro gaming and programming scene that has been recently revived in the national media and elsewhere.

Many Spectrum sites are currently accessible via a quick browser search, however ZXSpeccy has been redesigned to give quick and no-nonsense access to game reviews, hardware, arcade and other areas that are more commonly looked for.

Within the ZXSpeccy pages includes -and is by no means limited to- the following topics and areas:

    New and Original Game Reviews..
    Hardware Info and Reviews..
    Arcade and Retro Game Comparisons..
    New Quizzes& Character Updates..
    Game Voting/Ratings..
    Original Scans and Mag Posters..
    And More...

As with other dedications to be found on the web, zxspeccy is not spared the expense of running/updating the site, so any donation is humbly received - however small.

Thank you for taking the time to visit


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